FAQ / Frequently Asked Questions

At KOSH mArt we do..

Reproduction: We provide high quality hand painted reproduction paintings.

Custom:In addition to the above please send us your custom requirements at Contact usand we will get back to you with a quote.

Our artists have, on average, 15 years of experience and they all have advanced degrees in fine arts.

They create oil on canvas genuine masterpieces and each stroke, texture and nuance is created by hand - in the same way the original paintings were created. We use no printing, pressing or technological tricks to create our paintings.

We only use reputable carriers such as UPS and DHL where the shipment can be traced.

All paintings are covered with a protective sheet and film, and then carefully rolled into a durable tube, which is well sealed.

Our packaging is sturdy and water proof, we ensure that the artwork is not damaged in anyway.

We do not, however we can refer you to third party framing service providers.

We strive for a high degree of image accuracy. However, in some cases, the visual representation may be approximate.

Every painting in our gallery is either in the public domain or being sold under license from the estate of the artist.

Between two and four weeks. Since painting with oil on canvas is a complicated, time-consuming process, our artists will spend between 12-25 business days creating your masterpiece. If your painting is much larger, or if is extremely complex, the artist spend a bit more time with it. After you've approved the painting, we'll ship it to you immediately. Shipping can take three to four days. When you order your painting, we'll send you a detailed timeline that shows when you'll see a sample and when you'll receive your painting.

No we do not, all are sales are online and we are not associated or affiliated to any gallery.

Of course. If requested by you during checkout, or email us at we.care@koshmart.com mentioning your order number as reference and we will email you a digital photograph of the painting. You can look at the image and ask for revisions or approve the image for shipping.

You pay when you place your order with us. Before we begin working on your painting, we need to know that you have the means to pay for it. All online transactions work this way, and keep in mind that all paintings ordered from KOSH mArt are backed by our 100% money back guarantee.