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Shipping & Delivery

Total Delivery Time

The total delivery time for your order is the period of time from when you place your order until the time you receive it, which generally takes 2-5 weeks, depending on artist availability, the complexity of the painting, shipping delays and destination. The total delivery time is comprised of two parts – the processing time and the shipping time.

Processing time for a painting is the time from when you submit your order to when the painting leaves the studio. Processing is initiated once payment has been received. The processing time includes the time it takes to process your order and the painting process, which includes painting and drying.

The processing time generally takes 2-3 weeks to complete, but may take up to 4 weeks depending on artist availability and the complexity of the painting. Very large or complicated paintings and orders may take up to 8 weeks to complete.

Please note: oil paint is a type of slow-drying paint that consists of particles of pigment suspended in a drying oil. The speed with which the oil dries greatly depends on humidity and changes in the weather. Your painting will be painted with several layers of oil paint and each layer must dry before the next layer can be applied. As it is impossible to predict weather conditions and the speed with which the oil will dry, it is impossible to accurately predict when the painting will be dry enough to ship.

Shipping time is from when the product leaves the warehouse to when it arrives at your door. Weather-related shipping delays are not within our control.

Country of Origin

Our studios are based in South East Asia, Vietnam.


The quality of your shipment is our priority and the materials we use to package our products reflect our commitment.

The paintings are shipped rolled inside a protective tube.

All paintings are covered with a protective sheet and film, and then carefully rolled into a durable tube.


Once your order has been shipped, we will notify you via email, which will also include a delivery tracking number so that you may check the delivery progress online.

Shipping and Shipping Costs

We work hard with several trusted shipping carriers to bring you free shipping for all orders being shipped to a single address anywhere in the USA. The receiver may have to pay custom duties or taxes that may be due on the package. As with most purchases, paying any local customs or taxes is the customer’s responsibility. However, it has been our experience that 95% of the paintings arrive untaxed.